Young people and homelessness

For most young people, staying at home is the safest and most appropriate housing option. However for a small number of young people this is not possible. This guide helps young people find advice about available housing options.

Planning on leaving home? Who can help? Sleeping rough
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THEP logoWho are we?

THEP - Tamworth Homelessness Education Programme - has been designed to prevent homelessness, and our goal is educate people so they can make informed decisions about their housing situation.

Originally designed to deliver sessions in high schools to help prevent young people from leaving home, THEP's remit continues to expand. We also deliver sessions in reception and year six classes. We are also working with prisoners due to be released in a one-day training course.

THEP works as a partner with in the Families First Local Support Team. Offering families housing advice and support, we also works with the PARB (Prevention of Adverse Risk taking Behaviour) group in the town.

If you are interested in a THEP session or would like to know more, contact:
Tel: 01827 709217. Email: