Tamworth garden waste

If you would like your garden waste bin(s) emptied fortnightly in 2024, you will need to sign up to our garden waste service. 

We charge £36 per year for up to 23 fortnightly garden waste collections between the end of January/early February to mid-December, regardless of when you sign up.

You can choose to pay by direct debit, so you don't need to remember to sign-up again every year, or by debit/credit card for a one-year subscription.

If you want to pay by direct debit, you will need to register for a MyAccount on the Lichfield District Council website (if you don't already have one). Lichfield District Council hosts the forms/online payments as part of the joint waste service.

It's really easy to sign up - you just your name, email address and postal address to hand. Once signed up you will be able to manage your direct debit from your MyAccount. 

Sign up by direct debit - Make sure you have your bank account and sort code details to hand. 

Sign up by credit/debit card - Make sure you have your credit/debit card details to hand. 

About signing up by direct debit

If you sign up by direct debit, we'll take your payment within 12 working days, after which we'll send you your garden waste sticker(s) to put on your bin(s) - your sticker(s) could take up to 20 working days to reach you.

Every year thereafter we will call for your payment on 1 December and send you your sticker by mid-December.

If we increase the cost of the subscription, we'll write to you beforehand to let you know, so you can choose to cancel the subscription if you would prefer - you can do this either through your MyAccount or by contacting your bank.

When you sign up by direct debit, whilst you only fill in one online form, you are effectively signing up for two direct debits - the first is a one-off ad hoc direct debit for your 2024 subscription, and the second is a regular direct debit for your ongoing subscription that will be called for on 1 December 2024 and every year thereafter until you cancel it. In line with the direct debit guarantee you will receive two emails for each direct debit you set up, so four emails in total. The emails form your direct debit guarantee so please do store them safely.

About signing up by credit/debit card

If you sign up by debit or credit card, we'll take your payment immediately, after which we'll send you a garden waste sticker within 10 working days to put on your bin(s) .

You will then need to sign up again next year before we will empty your bin(s) in 2025.

Do you offer discounts?

We are sorry but we do not offer any discounts for any reason, including late subscribers, benefits claimants, multiple bin subscriptions or infrequent collections (e.g. if you don't fill the bin every two weeks).

What to do with your garden waste sticker

Once you have received your sticker(s), please stick it on the side of the bin that our crews will see when they come to empty your bins. Please then put your stickered bin(s) out on your normal collection day before 6.30am with the stickered side facing the road. More about the garden waste service

I can't afford to subscribe

If you can't afford to sign up, you could:

  • Share the service with your neighbour - one of you will need to subscribe and then agree to share the costs between yourselves.
  • Start home composting which is a great alternative that is low-cost and also great for the environment and your garden.
  • Take your garden waste to a local household waste recycling centre (tip).

I can't sign up online

If you can't sign up online, we can take a credit or debit card payment over the phone - call the joint waste team (hosted by Lichfield District Council) on 0345 002 0022 weekdays, Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm (not including bank holidays). We are sorry but we cannot set up direct debit payments up over the phone. 

We can also set up direct debits face to face in our District Council House, Frog Lane, Lichfield, WS13 6YU. Find us on Google Maps

Find out more

Find out more about our garden waste service, including what you can put in your bin, what to do if you move or lose your sticker, and more.

Read our full garden waste terms and conditions.