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Please note due to the Covid-19 outbreak there may be delays in processing planning enquires, planning applications and planning enforcement matters. Currently the best method of contact is by email to

Planning Enquiries – for general enquiries and planning questions please email, your enquiry will be recorded against the property address and a response issued by email, as soon as we can.

Planning Applications – Processing of an application may be delayed where a site visit (which requires access through/in a property) is required in order to assess the application effectively. If your application requires such a visit your case officer will make contact to discuss the matter in more detail. An extension of time may be required until a time when the site visit can be completed. Applications for works to the front of the property (porches, driveways, garages etc) should be unaffected where a site visit can be carried out safety from the street without close contact. 

If you are a neighbour and have concerns over the proposal, please contact the case officer directly via phone or email. Contact details will be listed on the notification letter or on the website when searching for the application. Alternatively you can also email as above. Please avoid traditional post whenever possible.

Planning Enforcement - The priority for Enforcement investigations is unauthorised works to a Listed Building or Protected Tree(s) as these matters are a criminal offence. Site visits will still be conducted where possible in relation to allegations regarding this activity. 
All other matters will be recorded and acknowledged. However in order to assess whether there has been a breach of planning control the vast majority of cases require a site visit to be carried out  in order to gather the necessary evidence. Under the current circumstances this is not possible. These cases will be investigated once the current restrictions have been lifted. Please note that action against breaches of control can be taken up to 4 years (for development) and 10 years (for changes of use) after the breach has occurred. Therefore this current delay will not prevent enforcement action from being taken in the future, if required. 

If you have any enforcement concerns or wish to report a breach of planning control please email and mark for the attention of the Enforcement Officer.