Our accounts

One of the main ways we communicate our financial performance to partner organisations and the wider community is through our published financial statements.

We are legally required to produce our annual statement of accounts. This is a detailed review of our financial activity which is inevitably highly complex and of a technical nature.

We also produce summary accounts to help keep residents informed about our financial position. We also seek the views of residents and organisations to establish if the information provided is what people wish to see.

Copies of the statement of accounts and the summary accounts from the last five years can be viewed in the table below. Previous years are available on request.

If you have any views on the summary of accounts, or wish to make suggestions for the future, please email: Corporatefinance@tamworth.gov.uk

You can also view our latest audit findings report from external auditor - Grant Thornton.

Public Inspection of Statement of Accounts (pdf)

Annual statement of accounts Summary of accounts
2023/2024 2023/2024 (pdf)
2022/2023 2022/2023 (pdf)
2021/2022 2021/2022 (pdf)
2020/2021 2020/2021 (pdf)
2019/2020 2019/2020 (pdf)
2018/2019 2018/2019 (pdf)