Community safety partnership

Community safety not only looks at tackling criminal activities and disorder, but also considers the social and environmental influences of an area.

The Tamworth Community Safety Partnership brings together a number of organisations who work together to make the borough a safer place to live, work and socialise.

Partners include Tamworth Borough Council, Staffordshire Police, Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service and Staffordshire County Council and a wide range of other statutory and voluntary organisations.

Tamworth Community Safety Partnership’s mission statement is:

Working together to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour to improve public perception, wellbeing and community safety in Tamworth.

Our key priorities are tackling the issues most affecting our communities in order to live a quality life in Tamworth:

  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Community cohesion and tackling extremism
  • Car burglary and vehicle theft
  • County Lines
  • Domestic abuse
  • Public place violence
  • Vulnerable people including contextual safeguarding, substance misuse and mental health

You can read more about how anti-social behaviour is tackled in Tamworth here, including details on how to report it.

Our plan

The partnership has worked together to create the Tamworth Community Safety Partnership Plan 2023-2026.

Statutory partners include:

ASB case reviews

The Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 includes a measure which is designed to give victims and communities a say in the way anti-social behaviour is dealt with. The ASB case review gives victims the ability to request a multi-agency case review, if certain criteria are met. You can see data below for how many reviews have been requested in Tamworth since the measure was introduced.

ASB case reviews carried out for Tamworth Community Safety Partnership October 2014 – October 2023

No of applications received Number which have met threshold Number of case reviews completed Number of appeals Recommendations made to agencies
10 10 10 2 6

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