Asylum seekers accommodation

An asylum seeker is someone who has left their country, often suddenly, because they are faced with persecution, war or violence and cannot get protection there.

The UK government has a statutory duty to accommodate people who are seeking asylum. As the number of people in this situation continues to rise, the Home Office is adopting a range of approaches across the country to provide temporary accommodation for those who have fled their countries, while their asylum requests are processed.

This includes the ongoing use of a hotel in Tamworth.

Decisions around which hotels to use are made by the Home Office in commercial agreement with the hotels, and is not something the council is involved in.

An approved Home Office contractor provides 24/7 on-site support for the asylum seekers during what is a very worrying and confusing time for them.

Life can be difficult and uncertain for asylum seekers and applying for refugee status is a lengthy process. At the end of that process, people will either be granted refugee status and have a right to remain in the country, or, if their application is rejected, they will be asked to return to their home country.

In the meantime, asylum seekers are entitled to daily essentials including a place to sleep, meals and healthcare.

Seeking asylum

The process people go through to claim asylum varies enormously. Often a male member of the family will make the journey to a country of safety to apply for asylum. The journey will likely be dangerous and long so women and children usually remain in their home country as they are seen as being at a higher risk of sexual abuse, violence and exploitation on the way. Once the claim for asylum has been granted, safe passage can be arranged for women and children.

The majority of asylum seekers (80%) will stay in the first safe country they come to, which often neighbours their home. The number one reason people give for continuing to the UK is because they have family ties here, and that is the case in more than 50% of UK asylum requests.

There is no legal requirement for an asylum seeker to make their claim in any particular country.

To understand more about the plight of asylum seekers, you can watch this short video from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees and read teaching about Refugees.

Anyone who has questions about the use of a hotel in Tamworth can contact the Home Office by emailing, or by calling 0207 035 4848.