Conservation Areas

Conservation areas are designated zones which have special architectural and/or historic interest. There is a requirement under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1900 for councils to preserve or enhance the character and appearance of these areas.

There are seven conservation areas in Tamworth which are therefore subject to additional controls when planning applications are being determined.

Some are also subject to an Article 4 Direction, which further restricts development rights to protect the area’s heritage.

As part of the Planning Act, we are required to prepare and publish proposals for how the town’s conservation areas will be managed. You can read these below, together with detailed maps of each area and information on any Article 4 Directions.

Conservation Area

Conservation Area Boundary Map

Conservation Area Appraisal & Management Plan

Conservation Management Plan Update

Article 4 Direction

Albert Road/Victoria Street

Albert Road/Victoria Street boundary map

Albert Road/Victoria Street Appraisal & Management Plan

Albert Road/Victoria Street Management Plan Update

Albert Road/Victoria Street Article 4 Direction

Amington Green

Amington Green boundary map

Amington Green Appraisal & Management Plan

Amington Green Management Plan Update

Amington Green Article 4 Direction

Amington Hall Estate

Amington Hall Estate boundary map

Amington Hall Estate Appraisal & Management Plan

Amington Hall Estate Management Plan Update



Dosthill boundary map

Dosthill Appraisal & Management Plan

Dosthill Management Plan Update


Hospital Street

Hospital Street boundary map

Hospital Street Appraisal & Management Plan

Hospital Street Management Plan Update

Hospital Street Article 4 Direction

Tamworth Town

Tamworth Town boundary map

Tamworth Town Appraisal & Management Plan

Tamworth Town Management Plan Update

Tamworth Town Article 4 Direction


Wilnecote boundary map

Wilnecote Appraisal & Management Plan

Wilnecote Management Plan Update

Wilnecote Article 4 Direction

Carrying out work in a conservation area

All buildings, old and new, have the potential to impact on the character and appearance of a conservation area, even if it’s on the outskirts rather than within it.

Any works proposed within a conservation area will require planning consent. There are also additional controls in place regarding demolition and facadism (where only the façade is retained).

Additional protection also applies to trees within a conservation area. Visit our page on trees for more information.

For help and advice on conservation areas and how it might impact any proposed work, contact our team at