We want to know what you think about life in Tamworth and every year, we carry out consultation with you on issues such as litter, anti-social behaviour, local facilities, health, regeneration, housing and how your money is spent. This can be meetings, exhibitions, focus groups, questionnaire surveys and on-line forms.

Citizens Panel: This is a made up of local residents who we ask about local services. If you join, we will contact you three or four times a year with postal or online surveys to get your views. You may be invited to take part in a questionnaire, discussion groups or workshops. The results are then used to inform decisions about how we deliver our services. To join the Citizens Panel click here to complete a short on line application form.

Current Consultations

Housing Repairs Policy

We are currently reviewing and updating our Housing Repairs Policy, which sets out the standards for the repairs service, including what tenants can expect of the service and what is expected of tenants.

The revised draft document incorporates any relevant changes in legislation and feedback received from tenants on the housing repairs service.

We know that the housing repairs service has a significant impact on tenants and it is important to us that we get your views on the revised draft policy.

It includes sections on what the council is responsible for, what tenants are responsible for, what constitutes emergency repairs and timescales for repairs to be carried out.

We’d therefore really appreciate it if you could read the draft policy and then take part in a short survey. The survey will be available until Friday, March 25.

All feedback and comments will be considered and will be update this page with the outcome in due course.

*Please note the document is in draft form and will be updated for style and accessibility for the final version.

The 2023 Boundary Review

Constituencies are changing - have your say now via, or at a public hearing in your region.

The Boundary Commission for England (BCE) is required by Parliament to undertake an independent and impartial review of all constituencies in England, to rebalance the number of electors in each constituency. The 2023 Boundary Review also requires that the number of constituencies in England increases from 533 to 543. The Commission is holding a secondary consultation on its initial proposals for new constituencies, which takes place from 22 February to 4 April 2022.

During the consultation, public hearings will be held across the country to allow members of the public to provide their views in person. To have your say, submit your views in writing via the consultation website, by email, or letter; or speak at a public hearing in your region.

Find your nearest hearing and book a slot to speak at bcepublichearings. On the consultation website, you can also view and take into account the responses sent in during the first consultation.

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Further information and resources:

Planning Act 2008
Hinckley National Rail Freight Interchange
Section 47 Publication of the Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC)

Please find below a hyperlink to the Statement of Community Consultation:

There may be an open consultation on the environmental permitting page.