Council Tax discounts

You might be entitled to a reduction in your Council Tax bill due to a discount, exemption, disabled relief or Local Council Tax Discount.

Please see the exemptions page for details of exemptions.


  • Sole occupier/single person discount:  When one adult lives in a dwelling (as their main home), Council Tax is reduced by 25%.
  • Unoccupied and unfurnished property: Two months' full discount when the property is empty and unfurnished, followed by a 100% charge. Properties requiring major repairs will be charged 50% of Council Tax from the date they became vacant or works start.
  • Second homes and unoccupied furnished property: If a property is not anyone's main home, the owner will be charged full Council Tax. This applies to unoccupied properties (which are substantially furnished) and second homes (furnished properties that are not used as main residences).
  • Job-related second homes: Certain second homes would continue to have their bills reduced by 50% if you are required to live elsewhere in job-related accommodation due to terms and conditions of employment, for example, a caretaker, minister of religion, or a member of the armed forces. This does not apply to a second home you are renting because living there is convenient for work.
  • Long term unoccupied and unfurnished property: Homes vacant for more than two years are subject to an additional charge of 50% on top of the full Council Tax.
  • Status discounts: It is possible for a discount to apply where there are two or more adults resident, such as:
    • Full-time students, student nurses, apprentices and Youth Training trainees
    • Patients resident in hospital, care home, or independent hospital
    • People who are severely mentally impaired
    • People staying in certain hostels or night shelters
    • 18 and 19-year-olds who are at, or have just left, school/college
    • Resident care workers working for low pay, usually for charities
    • People caring for someone with a disability who is not a spouse, partner, or child under 18
    • Members of visiting forces and certain international institutions
    • Members of religious communities (monks and nuns)
    • People in prison (except those in prison for non-payment of Council Tax or a fine)
    • Foreign diplomats and their non-British spouses.
    • Spouses of students where the spouse is not a UK citizen and is thereby prevented from seeking employment or claiming benefits

If a discount has already been awarded by the council it will be shown on your bill in one of the following ways:

  • 50%: No adult residents counted for Council Tax purposes
  • 25%: Only one adult resident in the household who is counted for Council Tax purposes

Applications for a discount

Applications for discount must be made in writing. If there is no discount showing on your bill, and you think you could qualify for one, please contact the Council Tax Team for further advice and information, with your name, address, account number, phone number and email address. The telephone number is on your bill, or you can email

If you have been awarded a discount you must notify the Council Tax team, within 21 days, of any change in your circumstances which may affect your entitlement. Failure to do so may result in a penalty of up to £280.

People with disabilities

If you, or someone who lives with you (adult or child), needs extra space in the property for the use of a wheelchair, or has an additional bathroom, kitchen or other room to meet special needs arising from a disability, you may be entitled to a Disabled Person's Relief. For properties in bands B to H, the relief is given by calculating your Council Tax bill on the Valuation Band lower than the one allocated to your property. The reduction for a band A property will be calculated in line with the other bands (1/9 th of band D). This reduction ensures that disabled people do not pay more tax on account of space needed because of a disability.

If you think you may be entitled to a reduction you should contact the Council Tax team for more information and an application form.

The value of a property, which is the home of a disabled person, may have been reduced because special fixtures have been added for that person's use. If you think this situation applies to your property and the Valuation Band assigned to your property does not reflect that factor, you should contact the Valuation Office.

Family annexes 

Most annexes in Tamworth are exempt – please see our exemptions page (class T and W).

However if you have an annexe which is lived in by a family member, or used by the resident of the main dwelling, you can receive a 50% Council Tax discount on the annexe. The discount is not based on occupation or furniture but on use of the annexe by the resident of the main building or occupation by a family member. If a non-family member occupies an annexe, the Family Annexe Discount will not apply.

If you believe you may qualify, please contact the Council Tax team for further advice and information.

Homes for Ukraine

Council Tax discounts may also apply for UK and Ukrainian citizens who are taking part in the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

If you'd like further information about Council Tax and/or discounts please Contact Us online.