Help if you are at risk of homelessness

If you’re at risk of becoming homeless in the near future (particularly within 56 days, as determined by law), please get in touch with us straight away – don’t wait until you are homeless.

We know this can be a worrying time and will always do what we can to help. We also have a legal duty to help people at risk of homelessness as part of the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017 and there are various things we can try to help prevent you from losing your home.

You might be at risk of becoming homeless if:

  • Your landlord has started eviction procedures (with a Section 21 notice or another notice)
  • You live with friends or family and they’ve asked you to leave
  • You can’t afford your rent or mortgage
  • You’re experiencing, or at risk of, domestic violence
  • You live in overcrowded or poor conditions
  • Any other reason why you might become homeless within 56 days

You can read about some of the other causes in our homelessness factsheets.

The first thing to do is fill out this online homelessness form so we can determine whether you are eligible for help. If you need support with this, please contact our customer services team on 01827 709709.

We’ll then talk to you about your circumstances, options and how we can help.

Help could include:

  • Checking the legality of any notices from your landlord
  • Talking to your landlord to support you remaining at the property
  • Helping you find out if you are entitled to any benefits or grants
  • Looking at all your housing options, including more suitable and affordable alternatives
  • Mediating with landlord, friends or family to help you remain at home
  • Putting you in touch with Tamworth Job Centre to explore employment and training
  • Referring you to Tamworth Advice Centre (CAB) for help with income and budgeting (you can also contact directly)

Help if you are homeless

If we are unable to prevent you from becoming homeless, we have a duty to help you find alternative accommodation. You can find out more on our help if you are homeless page.

There’s lots of useful information about your rights and the homelessness process on the Shelter website.

Preventing homelessness in Tamworth

Our homelessness prevention and rough sleeping strategy (2020-2025) sets out our approach for addressing these complex issues. You can read the report and accompany evidence base below.