Preventing terrorism

Prevent is part of the UK’s counter-terrorism strategy, known as CONTEST. Prevent helps to protect society from terrorism by supporting people who are at risk of radicalisation and offering them appropriate interventions.

Radicalisation means someone is being encouraged to develop extreme views or beliefs in support of terrorist groups and activities. There are many different types of radicalisation and Prevent deals with all of them.

If someone is at risk of radicalisation, they should be referred to Prevent’s support programme, Channel. Channel is confidential and voluntary, and offers support including:

  • Mentoring
  • Mental health support such as counselling
  • Education or career development support
  • Online safety training for parents

Watch an introductory video to Prevent here. 

To find out more about Prevent and how it protects people from radicalisation, visit:

Prevent in Tamworth is delivered by the council in partnership with Staffordshire Police, Staffordshire County Council and other local authorities across the county. If you have any queries about Prevent in Tamworth, or need advice or support on making a referral, email This inbox is not monitored at all times so if there is an immediate danger please call 999.

Prevent contacts:

  • Police Prevent team call 01785 232054
  • Police Prevent team website
  • Staffordshire Police call 101
  • If it’s an emergency please call 999
  • National Police Prevent advice line call 0800 011 3764