Locally listed buildings

We have drawn up a local list of buildings which may not be suitable for national listing, but that we feel are of historic and architectural importance to Tamworth and its communities. The list can also include structures, monuments, parks and gardens.

While local listing isn’t subject to the same additional controls as nationally listed buildings, it does enable us to apply stricter requirements to help retain and protect historic features.

You can view the latest adopted version of Tamworth’s Local List here.

Deciding what goes on the local list

Tamworth’s Local List has been drawn up in line with Historic England guidance. You can read more about the process and criteria used in our guide to assessment here.

In summary, we use the criteria below. A building or structure doesn’t have to meet all the criteria to be included on the list.

  • Age
  • Rarity
  • Aesthetic interest
  • Archaeological interest
  • Archival interest
  • Historic association
  • Designed landscape interest
  • Landmark status
  • Social and communal value

Adding buildings to the list

The local list is reviewed in consultation with community and heritage groups. If you feel there is a building, structure or park that you would like to consider for listing, please contact us via developmentplan@tamworth.gov.uk.

Planning applications involving locally listed buildings

Normal planning rules and triggers generally apply to works to a local listing, but consideration will be given to the potential harm that could be caused to a significant building, as part of any planning decision.