Civil enforcement, also known as 'parking enforcement', refers to parking violations which are enforced by councils, rather than the police.

Below you can read about when penalty charge notices (PCNs), or fines, can be issued by Staffordshire County Council or Tamworth Borough Council.

Civil parking enforcement doesn’t cover illegal obstructions, dangerous parking, or instances where there are no traffic regulations in place. To report such an issue, please do so directly via the Staffordshire Police website, or by calling 101.

Car parks/off-street parking

Officers from Tamworth Borough Council are responsible for making sure all council-run pay and display car parks are used safely and in accordance with the charges in place.

Car parking income is a vital revenue source for the council which helps fund services for the town. Regular patrols of car parks are carried out and breaches of off-street parking rules, such as parking without a valid ticket on display, can result in penalty charges being issued.

All PCNs issued by Tamworth Borough Council will start with the prefix ‘TX’ on the reference number.

Paying a fine: Please see the reverse of your notice for payment information. You can pay your fine online, over the phone on 0345 2307 709, or by sending a cheque or postal order payable to Tamworth Borough Council, to Parking Services, PO Box 2994, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 9FG. Please write your name, address and PCN number on the back of the cheque.

Appealing a fine: To appeal against a fine, please email with your penalty charge notice reference number and the reasons for your appeal. More information will be detailed on your notice.

On-street parking

Officers from Staffordshire County Council are responsible for making sure all on-street parking orders are observed. Generally, this is where lines and signs exist. Penalty charges can be issued for offences such as waiting or parking on double yellow lines and parking in time-limited marked bays, or disabled bays. Any other illegal obstructions witnessed will be reported to the police.

Penalty charge notices issued by Staffordshire County Council start with the prefix ‘GE’.

Please visit the Staffordshire County Council website for more information about on-street parking enforcement, including details on how to pay or appeal a penalty charge notice.

Penalty charges and codes

All penalty charge notices have a code attached which is linked to the type of offence that has been witnessed.

You can view the full list of penalty charges and codes here.