Tamworth woman evicted from home for antisocial behaviour

16 May 2024
Police at the home
  • Woman evicted from property in Gresley, Tamworth
  • Criminal Behaviour Order breached three times
  • Warrant for possession obtained under the ‘antisocial behaviour, crime and policing act 2014

On Wednesday 15 May, Tamworth Borough Council working in partnership with Tamworth Police issued an eviction order against a woman living in Gresley, Tamworth after subjecting the local community to long standing antisocial behaviour.

Local police successfully issued a three-year Criminal Behaviour Order in August 2023 to the woman for making false reports to emergency services, causing harassment, alarm or distress and assault. Police found that order to have been breached three times.

Despite support and multiple opportunities to turn her life around, the woman has continued her chaotic lifestyle causing a huge impact on the surrounding neighbours and wider community. Tamworth Borough Council were left with no choice to enact powers under the Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 under ‘mandatory’ grounds and take possession of the property.

This is a very serious case, causing considerable alarm and distress to neighbours and the wider community. Antisocial behaviour is a crime, and whilst Tamworth Borough Council supports early intervention in such cases, attempts from all partners proved to be unsuccessful in supporting the individual to change their behaviour, which is why this action is necessary.

Stephen Gabriel, Chief Executive of Tamworth Borough Council said: “Antisocial behaviour is a serious crime, blighting the lives of those impacted. Working in partnership with Tamworth Police in this case has meant we’ve been able to use specific powers to achieve an eviction.

“In this case we’ve exhausted all avenues of help and support and have used our powers as a last resort; we prefer to work with perpetrators and communities to resolve issues first. However, we cannot stand by while local people were continually subjected to behaviour putting others wellbeing at risk. 

“We hope this serves as an example to other individuals to understand the seriousness of their actions and the potential consequences.”

Chief Inspector Rob Neeson, from the Tamworth local policing team, said: “We’ve been working proactively to tackle community priorities across Tamworth, including antisocial behaviour, alongside our partners. 

“Officers have been working closely with partner agencies, including local schools, youth services and local businesses to address antisocial behaviour in Tamworth – which has involved issuing a number of criminal behaviour orders to tackle persistent offenders in the area.

“We would encourage anyone who witnesses antisocial behaviour to call us directly on 101 or send a message using the Live Chat function on our website.”

If you have a case of antisocial behaviour to report, and it isn’t a police emergency, the first step is to get in touch with Tamworth Borough Council’s Neighbourhood Impact Team. Visit Tackling ASB | Tamworth Borough Council to make a report or contact the team on 01827 709 709 or at neighbourhoodimpactteam@tamworth.gov.uk