Council Tax Reduction Scheme

The Council Tax Reduction Scheme has replaced the previous Council Tax Benefit scheme.

Working age claimants

  • Reduction: based on 75% of Council Tax liability (restricted to Band D). Most working age claimants now pay at least 25% of their Council Tax.
  • Reduction continues to be based on 100% of Council Tax liability for working age people who:
  • Receive a Severe Disability Premium
  • Have a disabled child
  • Claim a War Disability/ War Widows Pension/ Armed Forces Compensation Scheme payment.
  • Second Adult Rebate has been abolished
  • Maintenance is included as income until April 2016, when it will be disregarded. 
  • Non-dependant charges of £5 per week if the non-dependant does not work and £10 per week if the non-dependant works at least 16 hours per week

People of pensionable age are protected under the new scheme. This means those who do not claim working age benefits are unaffected by the changes. The benefit they receive is broadly the same as the old Council Tax Benefit.

Please read the Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme policy.

Our new Council Tax Reduction Scheme

  • Helps create incentives to get more people into work by ensuring that work always pays
  • Protecting the most vulnerable people
  • Protecting people on pensionable age
  • Delivering fairness to those claiming benefit and to the taxpayer

Equality Impact Assessment (pdf)

There is also an application form for Council Tax Discretionary Payment here.