Tenders and contracts

Tamworth Borough Council spends in the region of £25m per year on a variety of goods and services.

These vary from small one–off purchases to large formally tendered contracts. Value for money is always a prime consideration and we actively encourage suppliers to contribute towards achieving this goal. Whether you are a small or large company, we are keen to hear about the goods and services you can provide.

Our general conditions of contract for provision of goods and services can be viewed by here:

In line with our transparency code we publish a contract register where you can view information on live contracts we have in place.

Providing goods and services to Tamworth Borough Council

For purchases between £5,000 and £10,000, we will usually request written quotes via our e-procurement website, 'In-tend'. We also use this website to advertise our contract requirements for purchases anticipated to approach or exceed £10,000 and which may require a formal tendering process.  Depending on the value of a contract, the market size and perceived risk to the council, suppliers may be requested to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) prior to being evaluated for shortlisting to the tender process.

To view a list of any live quotes and tenders visit our In-tend webpage and click on 'current tenders'. To access associated documentation, your organisation must be registered on the Tamworth In-tend system. This only takes a few minutes and is only required once. You can follow the instructions on the In-tend website to express an interest in an opportunity and for any related communications.

For any other information about providing goods or services to the council, please call us on 01827 709371, or email procurement@tamworth.gov.uk.